The Project

Is it possible for
an experience
to meet learning
and entertainment?

The answer is yes,
whit just few elements:
a solid research scientific
on his base, a wise use of
digital technologies and the right way
to tell the story.

Digital technologies used for the historical and artistic heritage enhancement encourage a stimulating and engaging approach to culture.
For this reason Visionary proposes immersive cultural experiences that allow users to interact with cultural heritage in unconventional ways, thanks to the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies combined with an popular storytelling.


Artistic Heritage

Promoting a direct relationship between the user and the cultural heritage, providing an active experience of cultural heritage through unconventional modes of use.


Pushing the community to rediscover its cultural heritage with new eyes, to develop a sense of place, to be pride of its territory.


Offer citizens and visitors an experience of modern cultural entertainment, showing the treasures of the city in an attractive way.


Tablets and Virtual Reality Viewers allow the user to have an experience where real and virtual meet and mix to expand the normal perception of the cultural places.
The user will live an experience of being in places of the past no longer existing, and he will explore and interact whit physically inaccessible spaces of the cultural heritage.

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