About Us

Emanuela Candido and Benedetta Rosini are two young women born and raised in the heel of Italy. They viscerally love their land and have decided to create a future there.
After graduation and various experiences in the field of cultural heritage, they decided to work on their personal projects.
This is how Visionary was born: an idea of enhancing and enjoying the historical and artistic heritage that combines history and technology to provide new ways to the cultural experience.

Benedetta Rosini

Benedetta is an archaeologist obsessed with the enhancement of cultural heritage. The rediscovery of the past represents the roots, the mystery and many stories to tell.
She does not understand the indifference to the testimonials of ancientness.
On the other hand, she cannot stand those who would like to bound history in a box stand in silence.
So she decided to found Visionary, where new technologies the cultural heritage can meet and tell us, arousing astonishment.

Emanuela began her training by investigating the past and she ended up with exploring the tools to face the future, imagining one for the culture.
She is the technological soul of the project. She prefers clicks to words.
Give her a computer and and she will move the world (at least hers).

Emanuela Candido

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